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Project 58

  • Title: X-ray nanotomographyimage reconstruction
  • Peoblem: To boost quality of nano-object images, obtained in the European Syncrotron Radiation Facility, ESRF.
  • Data: on your request, 3GB
  • References:
    • [1] Iterative phase retrieval in coherent diffractive imaging: practical issues
    • [2] X-ray nanotomography of coccolithophores reveals that coccolith mass and segment number correlate with grid size
    • [3] Lens-free microscopy for 3D + time acquisitions of 3D cell culture
    • LinkReview
    • AUSPEX is a diagnostic tool for graphical X-Ray data analysis, see common pathologies and their causes
  • Basic: Gerchberg-Saxton algorithm
  • Method: To boost Gerchberg-Saxton with neural networks. Use Bayesian approach and set physical models as expert-given prior information
  • Novelty: we are developing expert learning method
  • Authors: Sergei Grudinin, Yuri Chushkin, and Vadim Strijov