Week 11

From My first scientific paper
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Prepare your conference talk

S: Slides

Check if your slides still keep typical errors.

  1. Each slide delivers a message
  2. The headers are descriptive, not formal
  3. Each slide fulfilled properly, no poor half-empty slides
  4. No slides text-only, no more three consequent text lines
  5. Introduce notations as your narration goes
  6. Include descriptions above the plots
  7. Include the conclusions under the plots

Remove from your narration the words:

  1. This slide shows
  2. The following step is
  3. We obtained poor or good results
  4. Or any other self-comments and estimations
  5. Do not read conclusions more than five seconds

Carefully check the timing of each slide and the timing your whole talk.

F: Final show

  1. Set your webcam at the level of your eyes
  2. Set the external microphone
  3. Clean up your repository, fill readme, upload latest versions
  4. The file readme.md includes
    • title, authors, abstract,
    • the file to start from (demo, start) to repeat the main experiment,
    • necessary documentation.