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Schedule and consultations

  1. The workflow goes around each week.
  2. The iterative consultations and delivery of results are highly welcome! Start during the weekends.
  3. Deadline of the last version is: Wednesday 6:00am. The review goes on Wednesday working day.
  4. Each symbol gives +1 according the system (А--, А-, А, А+, А++). No symbol gives A0.
  5. (To be clarified) Motivated delay. (Non-motivated delay interferes peer-review).


Date N To be done Result to discuss Symbol
February 13 1 Set the workflow, schedule, tools. The filter is passed)) (Questionnary)
20 2 Select a project. Tools are ready to use. The project initial status is set. (Questionnary)
27 3 List references, write Abstract, Introduction, LinkReview. Abstract, Introduction, References in bib-file. Abstract, Introduction, Literature, B*-talk (Questionnary)
March 4 State a problem, write a description of your basic algorithm, prepare a computational experiment. Write the problem statement, write the basic algorithm description. Statement (Questionnary)
12 5 Set your basic computational experiment. Make a preliminary analysis of your algorithm. (Ready to first checkpoint) Basic code, report on the basic algorithm. Basic code, Report, cHeck-1
19 6 Set your computational experiment using proposed algorithm and your previous resluts. Code, visual presentation of results, error and quality analysis. Create a draft of your presentation for 2-3 minutes. M-talk, Code, Visualization
26 7 Describe the algorithm. The theory and and algorithms of the paper. Theory
April 2 8 Finalise the computational experiment. The experiment description with error analysis. Error
9 9 Prepare the theoretical part and computational experiment. Explain the figures, write conclusions. The paper draft with the sections Computational experiment and Conclusions. Document
16 10 Checkpoint: the paper is ready. Your paper is ready to the peer-review. сHeck-2, RevieW
23 11 Prepare your presentation. Presentation day. Final show, Slides
30 12 Finalization The paper and slides are subjects to submit. Journal