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The todo lists here corresponds to the Course schedule. Each list must be completed before the day of review. It is Wednesday 06:00 am for the 2020 Spring semester.

Todo 0: Prepare necessary tools

  1. Editing. Install LaTeX: MikTeX for Windown, TeX Live for Linux, and for Mac OS. Sign up V2 OverLeaf ShareLaTeX.
  2. Install the editor TeXnic Center or its alternative WinEdt for Windows, TeXworks for Linux, and TeXmakerfor Mac OS.
  3. Download the paper template, ZIP and compile it.
  4. Read BibTeX.
  5. Install bibliographic collection software JabRef (can be postponed).
  6. Communications. Sign up GitHub.
    • Inportant: address and login like Name.Surname or Name-Surname (it depends on system conventions) is welcome.
    • Introductory sliders on Version Control System.
    • Introduction to GitHub.
    • The first steps in GitHub.
  7. Download a shell: Desktop.GitHub, or use a command line to synchronise your project.
  8. Sign up Send a logon to your coordinator of to mlalgorithms [at] gmail [dot] com.
  9. To state a problem (write essay) using notebook see example in MathJax.
  10. Install Hangouts, Skype - read instructions.
  11. Programming. Install Python Anakonda, PyCharm (alternative Visual Studio), Notebook online Google.Colab.
    • Development for ML: Pytorch
    • Style formatting: Codestyle pep8
  12. Add. As alternative install and try Matlab (MIPT provides free version), (alternative Octave), R-project, Wofram Mathematica.
  13. Add. Read with pleasure Кутателадзе С. С. Советы эпизодическому переводчику and Сосинский А. Б. Как написать математическую статью по-английски.


References to catch up


Todo A: Write an abstract