Week 5

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Goal of the week: Visualise the principle.

C: Code of the computational experiment

Organize your code so that the computational experiment runs every time with results stored.

  1. Set the only main file to run the experiment.
  2. Decompose the project code, write functions and modules.
  3. Gather the experiment parameters in a special-purpose section.
    • A text description of the experiment flow helps.
  4. Set a procedure of historical version points to return to the previous experiment.
    • Commit schedule helps.
  5. Write named plots to a designated folder.
    • Write your results to a .tex-file and compile.
  • If your experiment run takes long time, just cut the data set.
    • Do not use big or sophisticated data. Put your efforts to illustrate your main message.

V: Visualize project

Set the list of plots that will be included in your paper and presentation.

  1. Make a plot of the source data.
    • Goal: put notations to the plot.
  2. List plots to illustrate with.
  3. Make a plot to show the main message.

O*: One-slide talk

Make one-slide presentation to introduce the main principle of your work.

  1. Use the slide template
  2. Set the third slide with
    1. a plot or a diagramm,
    2. main keywords or message,
    3. basic notations, and
    4. essential terms.
  3. Put the link to the slide in the Result table
  4. Prepare a talk up to one minute (1'20" max) long.
  5. See examples in the lecture slides.