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June 11th, Thursday 14:30

  • Seminar: Comprehensive problem of human behavioral analysis
  1. Zoom conference
  • May 14th, Thursday 14:30 Seminar: Plans of future research
  • May 7th, Thursday 14:30 Seminar: End of the m1p course: results and discussion
News and announcements
  • August 20th, Thursday, 18:00 — Introduction to the CASF competition project, slides
  • May 7th, Thursday 14:30 — Seminar: End of the m1p course: results and discussion


Next months: May 7th - August 21rd

  1. Prepare your projects to publish and promotion.
  2. Submit your thesisis to conferences.
  3. Show your results to get
    • scholarships,
    • internships,
    • grants.


Basic materials

All questions to mlalgorithms [at] gmail [dot] com,

See you on the course,

V. V. Strijov