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alt Maths&AI MIPT-UGA student workshop


News and announcements
  • July 1–2, Thursday, 9:00CET — Join the Maths & AI: MIPT-UGA young researchers workshop – Programme and Zoom
  • September 2nd, Wednesday, 10:30 — Autumn semester 2021: Functional data analysis for Brain-computer interface – a course to annonce

This course produces student research papers. It gathers research teams in a society. Each team combines a student, a consultant and an expert. The student is a project driver, who wants to plunge into scientific research activities. The consultant, a graduated student, conducts the research and helps the student. The expert, a professor, states the problem and enlightens the road to the goal. The projects start in February and end in May of 2021 according to the schedule.


  • The lecture streams on Thursdays at 10:30msk
  • The seminar goes on Saturdays at 20:00msk



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