Vadim Strijov

Vadim Strijov is professor in Data Analysis & Machine Learning Vadim Strijov is professor in Data Analysis & Machine Learning at the FRCCSC of the RAS, Doctor of physics and mathematics sciences. He is a Research Fellow at the Computing Centre of the RAS.


  1. Integral indicator and rating construction, expert estimations validation. It includes the theory (how we can prove our indicator or rating is valid) and the practice (calculating a particular indicator or rating).
  2. Creation of mathematical models based on measured data of any type. The main tool is regression models (both parametric and non-parametric) automatic generation and selection.
  3. Development of algorithms in data analysis, pattern recognition, and forecasting.


Teaching and knowledge dissemination

The Youtube channel on Machine Learning created by Vadim Strijov contains 719 videos (lectures, workshops, and thesis defense). It unites 4.22k subscribers. The main topic is machine learning and its applications.

Vadim Strijov’s course, «My first scientific paper», immerses students in research activities that produce scientific papers.

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